Our Story

5+ years of growth and helping small business owners build better digital brands!


The concept of True Mtn was born as co-founders Jono Gross and John White ran into each other on a night out for the first time and immediately connected on their passion for marketing. The next morning, they got coffee together and the idea to start a marketing firm by combining their skillsets of creative content and web development was a reality. Within months, Jono Gross quit his day job to focus on the company full time!


This is the year the second co-founder, John White, would go on to quit his day job as well to take True Mtn on full time. With both co-founders publicly showing their passion for the company, True Mtn was able to go from a small side hustle to a legitimate marketing firm in Northwest Indiana within months as they gained nearly 50 clients the first year.


When 2019 kicked off, the company made a decision to focus on offering what they were best at. That is when our affordable monthly website pricing model was introduced. True Mtn came out with a way to offer web services for as low as $299/mo with a small setup fee for small business owners to much more easily afford a fresh, new look digitally. This model made it so the business owners would no longer have to come up with $20-30k up front anymore, and could instead focus their money on bringing in more traffic through social and ads after they launched their brand new site! Within 12 months, the company was able to bring in clients throughout almost 20+ states and grow the team more than ever.

On top of launching this new pricing model and product, True Mtn secured their official first office space in St. John, Indiana, which is still the headquarters today!


True Mtn started the year with a goal of fully opening an office in Denver, Colorado, but due to the Corona Virus kicking in the focus quickly became solely making sure clients could easily update their websites and make sure their digital solutions became a backbone of every business. It became clear during Covid lockdowns that more people than ever were using their digital devices to check on company updates instead of newspaper and weekly walk-ins, since much of that had slowed down. As the focus on making sure businesses could successfully stay active digitally through their website, the company built the trust it had continued to strive for in the small business community, which was to show they were here to not just sell a site and leave, but to be a digital partner to make sure growth was a focus.


The year of content creation. This was the first year we grew a focus into creating high quality video and photography. True Mtn brought on an in house photo/videographer team to make sure this could continue to become a great asset for businesses to utilize, instead of having to always search for a freelancer. With combining high quality content and a brand new website, businesses became more able to share their services and products in a way that customers could understand more than ever prior to signing up, purchasing, or working with them.


Over 5 years in business, a constantly growing team of 10+ members, 180+ websites live and launched, and a goal to continue growing is still alive and well. The year of TRUE MTN 5.0 as the company focuses on making sure web development and content creation are the focus of the business and what we do best for small and medium business owners.

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