Building a Website for Van Ryn Architects: Content Creation and Website Design

Van Ryn Architects is a business that does two different things. They do building architecture and general contracting. When they came to us with their website needs, they had a site that didn’t show the difference between those two divisions of their business. So we helped them design a new website that would highlight the differences between those two areas of work so it was easier for people to find what they were looking for on the site.

After Van Ryn Architects Signed on with True Mtn

After they signed up for the new website, the True Mtn team went in to take photos of the location. By doing this, we were able to build their new website with authentic photos and stayed away from using stock images.

When we went to their location, we had two things in mind, take photos for the build, and shoot videos for the slider on the homepage. Putting moving parts on the website is one of the main tactics we use to help a website always seem alive and active. Website Content shoots can also tell 1,000 words, and thats why we offer this as a service to any new client in the USA.

Cover Video for the website home page.

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