Lincoln Flats | Web Development and Content Creation for Bar & Restaurant in Valparaiso, IN

Lincoln Flats has been a part of the Valparaiso, Indiana community for many years in their historic location in the heart of their downtown. When they came to True Mtn for a new website refresh, we knew we had to make it truly stand out and be more mobile functional as they wanted a better way for potential customers to get updates. On top of working with them on the new site, our content team was able to schedule a mini photo and video production shoot to get some high quality media for the refresh of the site. It all truly came together and continues to be one of our favorite sites to date.

We build great looking sites, but more importantly, we tailor all of our layouts to fit the needs of each business and their industry. Being able to rebuild the old Lincoln Flats site from being a simple display of a menu into a more functional setup was something we were happy to accomplish. Great design goes even better with great user experience!

More than just a site refresh.

While we always focus on creating a killer, new design for all of our clients, we knew we had to incorporate some key functionality for Lincoln Flats to help make it more than just a clean site. That’s why we offer a free discovery meeting to learn how we can help tailor each site in unique ways to each client. While going through our discovery meeting with them, we made a list of what was important for their brand and noted what could help them explain their business better online. Check out some of the key features we included after.

  • Mobile friendly, responsive design.
  • Highlight their menu and allow for easy weekly updates to it with Wordpress.
  • Integrate a map for customers to easily find their location.
  • Setup a “Order Online” button for their Toast integration.
  • Display their history on a page of its own for people to understand how long they have been around.
  • Build a gallery showing off their plating, cocktails, and wine so people unfamiliar with them could get a true idea of the quality they can expect.
  • Allow people to find their hours with ease.

With these features in place, customers who have never visited and even those who actively were there could make use of their new website to get updates on menus, check hours, get directions, and even make their orders online with ease. This makes their site become more than just a brochure, and more of a resource for the location. Check out some of the screenshots of the look and feel that was put together.

Content creation that stands out.

Designing a new site that includes new photography and video to help show off the services being explained in copy is the best thing any business can do during their refresh. We loved that the team at Lincoln Flats was open to allowing us to have fun with different angles and ideas for shooting images of their food, cocktails, and wine bottles. On top of that, we were even able to make a mini highlight video which was inserted to the home page hero slider to help bring some motion to the site and bring it to life and keep it from being just a static layout. Check out some of our favorite shots from the visit.

Ongoing support that gets used.

Every single website package we offer comes with access to utilize our in-house website support team. Lincoln Flats has been able to submit tickets to have their weekly specials, drink and food menu pricing and items, and even images swapped out with ease. Within one business day, our team generally is able to push all of the requests live, if not sooner! This perk is something that is great for businesses in the food and drink industry who have actively changing menu items and prices.

Lincoln Flats | Web Development and Content Creation for Bar & Restaurant in Valparaiso, IN 25

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