Does website speed really matter?

Did you know that over half of website visitors will abandon a site if it loads for more than only THREE seconds? Think about it, how often have you ran into checking the hours or menu for a restaurant on your phone just to have the site sit there doing nothing, and eventually just giving up? I know for us, it has been more often than not that we see this happen. We’ve all been there; an interesting thing pops up and as soon as we click it we are greeted with the dreadful white loading screen instead of a quick load time on all devices.

Three seconds is approximately the time that it takes for you to lose a customer, a client, or a lead to your business, forever. Does your business website make the cut? We are here to help you decide whether it is time for you to get a new website or make some changes to your current one, essentially answering the big question, is your business website optimized for the virtual world of 2021 and beyond?

What should you do if your website happens to be slow

First, you need to test your website to see if you have anything to worry about. Tools such as Google Page Speed Insights and Pingdom are a great way to find out if you have a problem, and also get a general understanding of what may be causing it. If your website results are under 2 seconds, you are, for the most part, in the clear and you made the cut. If it’s over 2 seconds, then now is the time to begin thinking of ways to optimize your site sooner than later.

While there are many reasons a site may be loading slow, some of the easiest things to focus on improving are simply focusing on having optimized images, a lean web page designed with load speed in mind, and lastly a fantastic web host that is optimized for the platform your site is built on.

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Google Page Speed Insight Test for True Mtn Website Client

Optimizing images to improve your website load times.

Image and video optimization is easy to resolve, and you don’t even need to be a Photoshop pro to do it! You simply compress them through a tool like TinyPNG ( and let their system automatically do the heavy lifting. Through compression the images become a smaller file size that will not slow down the loading time of the website. When we design our web pages, we do our best to make sure the file sizes are the smallest possible. If you see any image over 500kb in size, that is a major red flag that it is not optimized. Another thing to look for is the width of the image, generally we keep all of our images at a 2000px max width, and even then, that is usually overkill for anything that is not a background image or texture.

For optimizing web images, a good website design agency would be sure to make you aware of this issue and fix it as soon as you launch your website with them, avoiding speed issues all together. At True Mtn, we run all of our images through an optimization process prior to launch via integrations directly within our custom WordPress environments so our clients can be at ease.

Design your website with speed in mind.

Web design codes are changing monthly if not weekly, to maintain relevance and keep increasing growth, businesses must adapt quickly. Updating to a new design, developed specifically for current technologies, will help not only with speed but also revive the relevance and flow of your pages, increasing your ranking on google. In turn, you can grow you customer base and boost the chances of your web visitors turning into conversions, paying, and returning customers. We recommend making a complete design update every 2-3 years.

Designing with speed in mind simply means optimizing your entire page to be lean and as small as possible in size. That means optimizing the images prior to uploading them, working on using as few amount of 3rd party applications for certain effects like motion fades and scripts to load popups all the time, and lastly making sure all of the integrations you are using on a new site are fully updated and not something that may be utilizing code that is bloated.

If you are unsure if your site is designed for speed, you can reach out to our team for a quick speed audit on our contact page or run it through the Google Page Speed Insights as mentioned earlier and seeing which elements are loading in large sizes.

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Website servers actively running.

Invest in a great website host.

Switching over to a reliable website host will help you to keep your website up to date with frequent changes. This will help not only increase the loading speed but also keep it secure and backed up with most current practices. Many hosts will actually focus on a specific platform, such as WordPress optimized hosting, which you should look for depending on your site.

At True Mtn, we utilize a custom WordPress optimized hosting platform with built in cache and server upgrades to make sure that every site is loaded with as many chances at being a little bit faster at every part of the loading process. We make sure the business can focus on operating, while we manage the backend, which is exactly what you should have happen if you are in the search for a website focused marketing agency.

Overall, focus on the simple things first.

Your websites load speed is incredibly important as users become more accustomed to getting information faster and faster. Focusing on optimizing your images, having a website designed with page speed in mind, and getting it onto a fully optimized server are some of the easiest starting tasks to get your load time lower. If you still find issues from there, you may need to work with a team of professionals that can diver deeper into your specific situation if you are not super familiar with the world of web design.

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Come work with the team at True Mtn!

If you are ready to grow your business, updating your website is your next move. Just like tangible assets, your website is a digital asset that is worth the investing in. With the right knowledgeable website host and support team, your business digitally will make the cut of staying relevant in the ever-changing virtual world of 2021 and beyond.

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