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Introducing the Harper Dental Mtn Site

When it comes to building a website, we will work within any industry. We are happy to present this Mtn Site we launched for our friends at Harper Dental. They came to use with issues on their old site looking for help. We listened to their needs and helped develop this unique look for them.

Old Site Issues

  • Hard to update.
  • No analytics.
  • Not mobile friendly.

Mtn Sites Solutions

  • Build site with wordpress.
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Optimize for mobile devices

Harper Dental approached us and wanted a new site, quick. Lucky for them, our Mtn Sites only take on average 5-10 business days to create! We sat down and worked with them to develop the website copy. They provided us the ins and outs of what their services were, and we optimized that copy and transformed it into a well though design to display on their site.

For the look, we went with high contrasted colors with blue and gold to really stick out. There are a ton of dental companies in the United States so we knew their website had to stand out. No one wants to go into a dirty dental office, they want to site somewhere clean. So we kept that in mind with the design and went with a clean, bright look.

After we choose our design path, we helped optimize the entire site to be mobile friendly. If you are looking for dental help, it may be while you are sitting at your home just watching TV. Chances of you being on a computer are slim, so we knew the importance of making the site mobile responsive so anyone could pull up the information for Harper Dental and contact them with ease.

Once the site was finally good to go, we integrated Google Analytics to their backend so they could track how often people were visiting their new site, how they were interacting with it, and make legitimate decisions for future improvements based on actual data.

Update: This business was able to successfully sell their practice so their site is no longer active. Congratulations Harper Dental!

John White, CEO
CEO and Co-Founder of True Mtn, creator of Mtn Sites, and Co-Founder of True Mtn Social. John White has actively been involved with the marketing world since 2009. Over the course of the last 10 years he has helped companies sell $500m+ in services and products while being at the forefront of digital marketing. With experience in nearly every field, he is able to help combine multiple marketing tactics to create campaigns and designs that truly deliver results.