Introducing the Hoosier Fight Club Mtn Site

We had the opportunity to work with the Hoosier Fight Club, and professional MMA (mixed martial arts) organization in the Midwest. Not only to we help run social ads for them, we also were given the chance to completely revamp their website. They had a list of specific struggles they were dealing with so we worked together to build a solution for their new Mtn Site.

Old Site Issues

  • Slow load times.
  • Hard to navigate.
  • Unable to purchase tickets, relied on 3rd party.

Mtn Sites Solutions

  • Speed up the website.
  • Redesign the layout for better experience.
  • Integrate a ticket selling system directly to the site.

We immediately moved their old site onto our optimized hosting platform to help increase load times on the site. After that, we worked on completely rebuilding the site from the ground up. We created multiple pages to help potential customers navigate the site better, learn more about their events, and hopefully purchase a ticket.

Speaking tickets, we were able to integrate a payment processing system directly into the website so they can now sell tickets without paying a 3rd party platform. This allows them to not only save money, but also control the checkout experience to make sure they are always optimizing the site to help users more easily checkout. When it comes to selling online, we know the importance of security, so we immediately set up an SSL certificate (which we do for everyone regardless) to make sure it kept payment information secure.

Take a look at the new Mtn Site for Hoosier Fight Club by visiting

John White, CEO
CEO and Co-Founder of True Mtn, creator of Mtn Sites, and Co-Founder of True Mtn Social. John White has actively been involved with the marketing world since 2009. Over the course of the last 10 years he has helped companies sell $500m+ in services and products while being at the forefront of digital marketing. With experience in nearly every field, he is able to help combine multiple marketing tactics to create campaigns and designs that truly deliver results.