Introducing the True Mtn Marketing Mtn Site

We build every site on the SAME platform as our own. It’s not every day a marketing company says that. We are big believers in “practice what you preach”. The product we sell, is the product we use!

New Year, New Site!

When it came time for 2019 to roll in, we knew we had to revamp our site with a brand new look and layout to help everyone better understand the services and products we offer. We truly focused 2019 into a huge push in digital. That means our agency made a huge push into web design, online content, and online advertising. While we still do the traditional graphic design for brochures, business cards, and billboards, we made a large push into focusing growing our company into the digital world and we wanted to make that clear.

New Site Goals

  • Be clear.
  • Keep it clean.
  • Allow easy forms for contacting us.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Track data.

The new True Mtn site had to be clean and clear. We broke the navigation into our main divisions of Web, Content, and Digital. This helps our potential customers easily make a decision on what they want to learn about us. After we broke out our navigation, we began designing each page to match the division. Our Mtn Sites has its own brand along with True Mtn Social, so we customized each page to truly fit the style of each while keeping it as clean as possible.

After we laid out the general page content, we spent an entire day just building out the layout of the site to be mobile friendly. We needed people to be able to open our site from anywhere on any device and easily read and view our content.

Once we were mobile friendly we focused on creating a contact form that would sit on every page. While some people like to use forms to pre-qualify a customer or get a lot of information right away, we made the decision to keep it simple. Our contact form simply asks for the users information and what they are interested in. From there it is our job to reach out to them. Since marketing has so many aspects we know it is always best to touch base with a conversation.

At this point our site was fully designed, optimized for mobile, and had an easy way to contact us. It was essentially completed. Before we launched it, we made sure to integrate Google Analytics to allow us to track how people are using our site, if they are interacting how we intended, and what pages they are showing interest in. This helps us plan future updates and make legitimate decisions based on data, instead of guessing. All of our clients get analytics integrated the same way. We feel it is an absolute necessity!

Looking for a new site? Check out our Mtn Sites product and touch base with our team today!

John White, CEO
CEO and Co-Founder of True Mtn, creator of Mtn Sites, and Co-Founder of True Mtn Social. John White has actively been involved with the marketing world since 2009. Over the course of the last 10 years he has helped companies sell $500m+ in services and products while being at the forefront of digital marketing. With experience in nearly every field, he is able to help combine multiple marketing tactics to create campaigns and designs that truly deliver results.