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We believe that a great website stays that way by making sure backend structure, new pages, copy and content, and general information are always staying up to date. That is why we have a team dedicated to just helping support our current list of clients. We get tickets and requests daily for updates to sites and our web support team is able to actively respond and hop on any changes for most request such as updating hours, changing images and video, creating new pages with content delivered, and more! If working with clients on a daily basis updating their Wordpress sites sounds like something you might enjoy, then True Mtn might be a great fit for you!

Job Responsibilities

  • Answer support requests on a daily basis from clients.
  • Communicate with client when request is complete or if there are needs for it to be completed.
  • Manage timelines for scheduled requests.
  • Work with internal team as needed to update tasks and pages.
  • Expand updates upon current sites when new features are rolled out.

Required Skills

  • Understanding of Wordpress.
  • Ability to work within Adobe Suite programs of Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.
  • Understanding of CSS.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics.
  • Ability to work within page builders.

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