Affordable Web Packages

We have multiple packages available to pick from. Each one tailored to your business with a 30 day money back guarantee if you don't like your design!

Most Affordable



+ $2400 SETUP FEE

This package is built for new businesses looking to simply improve their online branding with key features to help them look better, appear in search engines, and take the first steps into growing their website.

Most Popular



+ $2400 SETUP FEE

The essentials package is great for established businesses looking to grow significantly online and use their website as a tool to assist in sales and growth. This package has the optimal features to scale, integrate to 3rd party systems for email, crms, and more!

Looking for more features?

Reach out to our team for custom packages!

Sometimes you need a little extra, we get it! We have custom packages available for established businesses looking for more pages, content packages, a larger focus on different kinds of SEO, potential Ecommerce integrations, and much more. Reach out to speak with our team of experts for a free, no hassle quote.

All websites include a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren't happy before entering our development phase! All of our new website packages are a no-commitment sign up but require a 24 month commitment to own them. This helps us keep costs low, while still committing our team to a long term relationship to help and assist you.

vibe media home page
A website design for a basketball facility.

Overview of our Features

Tailored Design.

Every business is unique, and your website should be too. Our custom designs are crafted to reflect your brand's personality and ethos, ensuring your site stands out in the digital landscape.

Mobile Optimization.

In a world where mobile browsing is king, we ensure your website looks stunning and functions seamlessly on all devices, providing an optimal user experience for every visitor.

Baseline SEO.

We lay the groundwork for your online visibility. Our baseline SEO setup includes custom meta tags and titles, social sharing enhancements, and key search engine submissions, ensuring your site is primed to appear in the rankings.

Web Support.

We're here for you!. Our dedicated support team is on standby Mon-Fri to assist with any queries or issues, ensuring your website runs smoothly and is easy to update.

Optimized Hosting.

Speed and reliability are non-negotiable. Our hosting solutions guarantee your website is fast, secure, and always online, giving your visitors a smooth browsing experience.

Google Analytics Integration.

Knowledge is power. With Google Analytics, you'll gain valuable insights into your website's traffic and user behavior, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

DIY Page Editor.

Empowerment at your fingertips. Our user-friendly page editor allows you to make real-time updates to your website, ensuring your content is always fresh and relevant.

Spam Protection.

Keep your site safe and clean. Our advanced spam protection measures ensure your website remains a secure and enjoyable space for your visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started Is Easy

Talk With Our Team or Sign Up Through Our Portal

Take advantage of our FREE discovery call where you can speak with one of our co-founders who will work on guiding you into the package that fits your needs. Or, if you already did your research, you can sign up through our portal with just a few clicks!

Submit Your Onboarding Details and enter the build process

Immediately after signing up you will have the opportunity to fill in our onboarding form. After that, our process is fully under way and the design and development team will be working with you to build your new site and get it launched.

Launch the new site to the public and make use of your new features

Our team will help launch the new site for you to the public. After that, we integrate you and your team so you can make full use of the new system editor, blog capabilities, and more to grow your online presence!

vibe media home page
A website design for a basketball facility.