Branding your company, product, or event is one of the first things to be looked at when it comes to marketing. It is also what we consider to be one of the most important steps in the marketing process.

Everything that is created should revolve around how your brand is built. Your logo, your colors, your style, your message, and everything that expands from that should all collaborate in a way that makes it clear who or what people are looking at. Let True Mtn build (or rebuild) your branding!

Branding Highlights


  • We care about your look and message. True Mtn will work directly with you to develop everything from your logo all the way to your vehicle wraps so that everything comes together and matches across all platforms of print and online. Working with other agencies? No problem, we can put together a brand standards guide to make sure everything is created with your standards in mind.


  • True Mtn can build and implement a content and demand strategies to help your brand speak to potential customers and targeted audience. Whether you are looking to build TV commercials to a specific audience, or run online ad campaigns to build brand awareness, we can help complete this. Taking your brand to the next level is our goal and we are ready to help you get started.


  • Online and print ads are some of the most successful marketing tactics a company can focus on. Whether you want to run an AdWords campaign, Facebook Ad campaign, newspaper insert, local ads on TV or in news centers, or anything else, we can help. True Mtn will setup campaigns and reach out to any divisions of distribution centers to make sure your ads, brand, and messages are delivered in full.