Video Production

The Power of Video

Video and motion graphics have quickly become a big factor in developing successful marketing campaigns in the last decade, with a significant growth in just the last two years, we know that focusing on developing a great quality video is of top priority.

Video Production Highlights

4K Production Capabilities

  • Our equipment can bring the power of 4K HD video to your project. Whether you are broadcasting your video on a website, social media, or even in a theater with a giant screen, our 4K footage will look top of the line.

Slow Motion Production Capabilities

  • With the capability to film at 120fps, we can slow almost any clip down nearly 4x slower than what you naturally see. We also have access to getting equipment to offer extreme slow motion capabilities if necessary.

Aerial Drone Footage

  • Our FAA Certified team has Part 107 UAG certification and can legally fly a drone on approved job sites up to 400 ft high! Quality and safety are our focus when in the air!

Commercial lighting and audio

  • We have multiple video lights, modifiers, and microphones of the highest quality available for jobs of any size. We have invested heavily into the best equipment.

Full script/storyboard development

  • We will develop a script and storyboard to help assist bringing your ideas to life. Don't have an idea? That's fine as well. We can help build inspiration for your next project.

In house video editing

  • We do all of our video editing in house. That means if you have a change, you can expect to be talking directly with someone who will be able to make the alterations. We do not send our work overseas. We have over a decade of combined experience working with some of the industries top programs for video and audio production.