The Power of Blogging

A great, effective way to increase traffic to your site

Start a blog! A study by HubSpot found that companies with blogs attract 55% more visitors than companies without blogs. Writing articles about topics that your company specializes allows you to showcase your expertise and shows your visitors that you are an expert in the subject, increasing your credibility and chances of turning potential customers into real ones. In fact, blogging is such a good marketing strategy that not only do we use it, our Mtn Sites packages all include blogging functionality, should you decide to use it. 

What should you write about?

Good question. If there are certain questions about your product, service, or industry that you often hear from customers, these are excellent, relevant questions to answer in a blog post. If people are personally asking you these questions, then there is a high chance there are many people with the same question looking for an answer via the internet. If you can provide that answer when they ask it, you’ll drive inquisitive visitors to your site and your product or service, in addition to increasing your SEO.

Speaking of SEO!

The length of your post factors greatly into how search engines rank it among others. The average word count for top ten ranking blog posts was 1285 in 2019; a 145 word increase from 2017. Long posts are considered to be more thorough and informative, hence why they perform better. However, longer isn’t always better! Blog posts that are unnecessarily lengthy, content heavy, or off-topic can actually steer away potential customers. Not every topic will be deep enough to write about for 1285 words, either. For example, a blog post about the benefits of blogging does not warrant 1285 words, in our opinion. For reference, this post is 455 words. Sometimes, short and sweet is better! It’s important to know your content and your audience in order to determine how much you should aim to write. 

The Power of Blogging 1

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Blogging is a very viable, easy option to help you reach your business goals – as long as you can write at a basic level. We always recommend having someone proofread your post, as spelling, grammatical, and format errors can definitely make you look unprofessional and can decrease your product, service, or company’s attractiveness. So, word to the wise – use spell check!

In conclusion, blogging is a powerful tool with many benefits, but not without some (very easily minimized) risks. If you want to increase traffic to your site, and you think you can handle it, the blogging functionality included with all of our Mtn Sites packages is intuitive, easy-to-use, and effective! We recommend you give it a try. Good luck and happy blogging!