About True Mtn

True Mtn Marketing was founded in 2017 on the idea of offering businesses of all sizes marketing services that actually work. With having dealt with a multitude of other agencies and marketing companies throughout previous jobs, the inspiration to create True Mtn came up as a way to focus on being different than the other agencies. True Mtn would become a full service marketing agency that would be true to the customers and offer only the best work that leaves clients happy with a product that is usable. No more lies and upsells just to get more money from clients, but instead, creating better content and delivering on what was expected in reasonable times.

Shortly after the decision was made to create the new marketing agency, the name was created. True Mtn is not just words combined and thrown into a logo. The name was built with meaning. "True", focusing on the goal of always staying true to the clients and building them products and campaigns that are successful, not just using them to test new techniques. "Mtn", focusing on both partners shared passion of California and Colorado mountains. Together, the name "True Mtn" was born with the shared idea of making companies satisfied and successful, while sharing in their own personal passions.

In 2018 the company expanded into two new areas having created their first product, Mtn Sites, to focus only on the web design industry and also building their new social media and advertising team dedicated only to the digital advertising industry. Having these two twos fully functional and with their own goals allows clients to make sure that what they bring the True Mtn family on to help with will get nothing but a team of experts working on. Instead of hiring an agency where one or two guys do the web, graphic design, video, social media, and ads, we made the decision to have teams dedicated to each division of marketing so that our clients got only the best.

In mid-2019, True Mtn announced its newest expansion into the graphic, branding, and print design world by bringing on a new internal design team. This means True Mtn could officially walk companies of all sizes through each phase of marketing starting with Design, into Development of the site and online presence, and finally into Digital promotion of their brand.

With a strong end to 2019, the team had one more bit of news to share. On January 1st, 2020, we opened our Colorado-based office located right next to Denver! We have always wanted to grow to the mountains, and we finally have had the opportunity to do so.

The True Mtn family continues to grow every week and now has clients from coast to coast in the United States, as well as clients in Canada. We believe that focusing on helping companies instead of selling marketing just to make a buck is key to our success and we are happy to meet and help new brands.

If you have a project in the works or need help growing your company, visit our CONTACT page and let's schedule a call!