Nautical Excursions | Website Design for Boat Charter in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

Located on the waters of Shearon Harris Lake, North Carolina, a nautical adventure waits for those who love the water, exploration, and fishing. This voyage is brought to life by Nautical Excursions, a boat charter company led by the seasoned Captain Dwayne, a U.S. Coast Guard veteran with an unshakable passion for the water. With a comprehensive understanding of both freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, Captain Dwayne’s expertise spans kayaking, boating, and fishing. His one goal is clear: to offer customers a safe and unforgettable journey through North Carolina’s waters. The only thing left is to have their online presence set sail. Turning to True Mtn they wanted to a better flow and clean design for their online presence.

A website design for a fishing company.


Our main goal for this website was to provide Nautical Excursions with a website that not only looked clean but also navigated seamlessly. A beautiful design and intuitive flow are essential for engaging potential customers and we made sure that vision was brought to a reality. Check out the key features and integrations!

  • Tailored Design: The website’s clean and organized layout makes it easy for visitors to navigate. We carefully selected a color palette that mirrors the colors of the water, with varying shades of blue and hints of white. This color scheme resonates with the coastal theme of Nautical Excursions.
  • Custom Media Gallery: This gallery showcases Shearon Harris Lake, offering visitors a taste of what awaits them on a Nautical Excursions adventure. The visuals speak louder than words and invite potential customers to experience it themselves.
  • Social Media Integration: We seamlessly integrated Nautical Excursions’ social media profiles into the website. With just a click, visitors can connect with Captain Dwayne and his team on their preferred social platforms, staying up to date with the latest adventures and offerings.
  • Mobile Friendly: We ensured that the website was not only accessible but also visually appealing on all devices, from smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets.
  • Integrated Map: This feature enhances the user experience, helping potential customers pinpoint the exact location, making it easier than ever to plan their adventure.


We implemented SEO strategies, they aimed to boost Nautical Excursions’ visibly in search engine results. This means that when someone searches for “boat charter in North Carolina”, Nautical Excursions is more likely to appear at the top of the list, increasing their chances of attracting new customers.

We also integrated a testimonials section, allowing satisfied customers to share their experiences. This allows for potential visitors to build trust and confidence when using Nautical Excursions. We also understand that potential customers might have questions before committing to an excursion. To address this, they integrated a comprehensive FAQ section into the website.


This project was a blast from start to finish! If you’re a small business owner, True Mtn’s expertise can help your business navigate the digital world. Contact True Mtn today for a website discovery call, and let your digital journey begin. Your business deserves to set sail towards new horizons.

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