Argo Construction | Web Design for Construction Company in Montvale, New Jersey

In the world of real estate and construction, Argo Construction and Development stands out in providing comprehensive luxury real estate and development services. Operating in the heart of Montvale, New Jersey and New York City, Argo has built and revitalized numerous communities over the past two decades, delivering exceptional services tailored to their clients’ needs. From land purchasing and development to design and building they offer a one-stop solution that ensures that every aspect of the project is taken care of with the utmost care and attention. Argo Construction collaborated with True Mtn to elevate their online presence and get noticed better within the industry.

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One of our main goals in creating this strong digital platform is to capture the essence of Argo Constructions brand but also reflect their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. With this collaboration we wanted to ensure that the website captures their portfolio effectively.

Check out the features we included on the website!

  • Tailored Design: We created a modern and visually appealing design that instantly grabs visitors’ attention, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Video Background Highlight: To further engage visitors we included video background highlight to create an immersive experience for potential clients, allowing them to envision the possibilities that Argo Construction can bring to their own ventures.
  • Custom Media Gallery: A media gallery was integrated into the website, showcasing a wide range of completed projects.
  • Contact Button: We integrated a contact button through ought the website to allow potential clients to easily get in touch with Argo Construction, fostering seamless and efficient communication channels.
  • Project Page: We integrated a project page that allows Argo Construction to showcase their various projects in specific detail.
Argo Construction | Web Design for Construction Company in Montvale, New Jersey 2


One of the key main ideas when we build websites is to integrate a range of innovative features into an online presence. These integrations have not only enhanced Argo Construction’s website but also have helped them connect with clients more effectively and showcase their exceptional work like never before.

We integrated a careers page offering aspiring individuals to submit applications and join the Argo Construction team, reinforcing the company’s commitment to building not only structures but also the careers of talented individuals. Another main integration we implemented was a “Our Team” service page. Visitors can now get to know the behind the scenes, getting to know their skills, expertise, and passion for construction. This integration injects a personal touch into their brand and builds stronger connections with potential clients.


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