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When Jordan Hebbe reached out for help on her second food blog endeavor, Food Like Wow, she wanted a website that showcased the “wow” factor of her recipes and built the foundation for a strong readership. She turned to True Mtn. to make her new online presence check all of the boxes. Her blogging journey began when she started a simple recipe site during her senior year in college. After growing and selling her first site in 2020, she got back into the industry in 2023. She had a vision for what she wanted for the new site and the True Mtn. team brought it to life for her. Food Like Wow launched in August 2023 and has been growing ever since.

The homepage of a food website.


We recognized the potential and importance of creating a website that would not only set Food Like Wow apart from other food blogs, but also provide a seamless experience for its visitors. Let’s explore how we used strategic components to enhance her online visibility and designed a website that keeps readers coming back for new recipes.

  • Personalized Custom Design: We set out to create a custom website design that reflected the personality, style, and the “wow” factor that Jordan brings to her recipes. The color palette included a blend of warm, vibrant tones. The website’s layout was structured to convey a sense of creativity and innovation.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: We made sure that Food Like Wow’s website was not only accessible and fast, but also user-friendly across a spectrum of devices. Whether visitors were exploring recipes on a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, they could effortlessly navigate everything Food Like Wow has to offer.
  • Seamless Navigation: We organized the recipe content on Food Like Wow in a convenient and innovative manner, making it easy for visitors to explore individual recipes, seasonal food trends, and recipe categories. This seamless navigation creates a user experience that invites users to spend more time on the site, ultimately leading to more revenue.
  • Contact Page Integration: We integrated a user-friendly contact page, making it effortless for visitors to reach out with inquiries, feedback, or collaboration opportunities.
  • SEO Strategies: The most important factor for most websites – especially food blogs – is to make them discoverable by search engines. We optimized the site so that when individuals from all over the world search for “crispy brussels sprouts,” Jordan’s recipe on the Food Like Wow website will show up prominently in the search results.


A standout feature that we integrated on Food Like Wow was the main recipe page. The page is thoughtfully organized, presenting the whole collection of recipes categorized into different sections. The beauty of this layout is in its simplicity. Users don’t have to sift through a mess of disorganized recipes to find what they’re looking for – they can click on the category that sparks their interest and within moments, they have a page of applicable recipe options to choose from.


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Let us help you create a digital presence that truly reflects your brand, engages your audience, and leaves a lasting impression. Just like Food Like Wow, your business has a unique story to tell and we’re here to help you share it with the world.

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